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This is a subreddit dedicated to all PC contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways. Anything from prebuilt computers to graphics cards, and sometimes even just a simple mouse or keyboard giveaway.

Rule 0:No contests that do not have anything to do with PCs other than from the following list:

Anything related to PCs (Hardware, Software, Games)

Tablets (we consider Kindle Fires to fall under this category)

Gift Cards to Electronics Stores and for Video Games (Store must be exclusive electronic store i.e. Newegg/BestBuy. Amazon and similar sites are disallowed)

Kindles and other e-Readers are disallowed.

Rule 1:No Reposts. Only one post per giveaway, try to search for the prize of your giveaway or the url of your giveaway (using theRepost Checker Tool. If only one prize is being given away, even if there are multiple entry methods, only the first entry method posted is allowed.

Rule 2:No Anonymous Contests – Contests/Giveaways without a clear and public company or person accountable to the contest are usually scams. When they close, nobody gets the (usually extravagant) prize, nobody is left to contact, and someone likely just made some money on all your twitch/youtube/facebook follows.

Rule 3:No Giveaways hosted/run by the following entities which have been really dodgy in the past. They are assumed scams until proven legit:

Rule 4:Try to put key information in your giveaway titles. Things like Closing date (MM/DD/YY or MM/DD/YYYY format), prize value, and geographical restrictions make it easier for people decide what giveaways they want to enter.

Rule 5:All links must be adirect linkto the sweepstakes. Referral links are okay and encouraged.

NewsMega Update: CheckRepost, SweepsDB, and more(self.pcgiveaways)

submitted3 months ago*byAlbuyehWizard-announcement

Giveaway for TWO 8700k, GTX 1080 Ti Water Cooled gaming PCs(self.pcgiveaways)

submitted26 days agobyOptimus_WC-announcement

GleamWIN an Xbox One X UK (01/08/2018)(

submitted1 hour agobySimptonym

GleamXbox One or PlayStation 4 giveaway (winners choice) WW (12/31/2017)(

submitted3 hours agobyShaoLynn

GleamWin an MSI GTX 1050 – Advent calendar – 17 Dec. EU (12/17/2017)(

submitted46 minutes agobyShaoLynn

KingSumoWin 32 GB Ballistix Sport LT Memory (12/18/17) ww(

submitted49 minutes agobytriggylol

ViralSweepEnter To Win The Dell Inspiron 15 High Performance Touchscreen Laptop Giveaway US (4/20/2018)(

submitted8 hours agobydarla412

GleamWin 50,000 Satoshi!!! (.0005 BTC Bitcoin) (12/31/2017) US(

submitted2 hours agobyBhadLynx

GleamCS:GO Gut Hook Boreal Forest Knife Giveaway! (01/14/2018) ??(

submitted9 hours agobyJusticeBear

GleamWin a Cooler Master Devastator 3 Mouse & Keyboard! (12/17/2017) US(

submitted5 hours agobyJusticeBear


submitted9 hours agobyLYNESTAR_

GleamRainbow Six Siege: Year 3 Season Pass Giveaway WW (01/31/2018)(

submitted5 hours agobyVacuumoV

UpviralWin a Samsung Gear VR headset and controller US CA EU (12/18/2017)(

submitted8 hours agobyUR_JUST_TO_GREEDY

GleamXbox one/ PS4 slim/ Alienware Gaming PC giveaway (12/24/2017) ??(

submitted8 hours agobyrangersfan26

GleamCS:GO Skin Giveaway! UMP-45 Primal Saber (12/23/2017) ??(

submitted8 hours agobyJusticeBear

GleamWin a Corsair Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse! (01/15/2018) US(

submitted9 hours agobyJusticeBear

GleamIcebreaker H1Z1 Skins Giveaway! (12/23/2017) ??(

submitted9 hours agobyJusticeBear

GleamCS:GO UMP-45 Primal Saber Giveaway (01/14/2018) ??(

submitted9 hours agobyJusticeBear

GleamCS:GO M4A4 Desolate Space Giveaway (01/14/2018)(

submitted9 hours agobyJusticeBear

GleamCS:GO AK-47 Redline Giveaway (01/14/2018) ??(

submitted9 hours agobyJusticeBear

GleamCsMoneyTrade New Year CS:GO Skin Giveaway! (01/15/2018) ??(

submitted9 hours agobyJusticeBear

GleamEXSAD Gaming Christmas Giveaway – Razer Kraken Pro Green - (12/26/2017) ??(

submitted10 hours agobyPortgas

GleamGiveaway! TP-Link Archer C2300 EU (12/18/2017)(

submitted14 hours agobyMomak6

GleamTechniSport Gaming Chair and Swag Bundle Giveaway – 12/25/17 WW Free Shipping in US(

submitted14 hours agobyFLaTone85

GleamH1Z1 Skin Giveaway (12/31/2017) ??(

submitted14 hours agobyJusticeBear

GleamEnd of Year NVIDIA SHIELD Giveaway ?? (12/31/2017)(

submitted19 hours agobyPuppyLover77

GleamWin a Custom Star Wars Galactic Empire Themed PC WW (12/17/2017)(

submitted1 day agobyMomak6

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