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Theres An International Mens Day Too There Probably Shouldnt Be

Theres An International Mens Day, Too. There Probably Shouldnt Be.

US First Lady Michelle Obama poses with young female students in front of the White House in Washington, DC, on March 8, 2016 before an event to mark International Womens Day, as part of the first ladys Let Girls Learn initiative. / AFP / Nicholas Kamm (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

On March 8, otherwise known asInternational Womens Day, Twitter was barraged with complaints that theres no International Mens Day. Well, guess what? Thereis, and you can celebrate it on Nov. 19, if you so desire. But thats not the point today.

Men and women alike have achieved amazing feats. However, theyre given separate days for a reason though both sexes share some of the same struggles, women face inequalities that men simply dont. For example,women still arent guaranteed equal wagesin the United States, a country thats supposedly one of the most socially developed nations in the world. Today, women on average make 20 cents less per hour than a man does.

That said, why cant mens rights activists respect International Womens Rights Day for what it is? Why cant we honor women without suggesting that we must simultaneously honor the opposite sex? In a sense, the overwhelming outrage over the supposed lack of an International Mens Day is an example of the most backwards form of political correctness. Making International Womens Day about men is akin to Stacey Dash saying there shouldnt be a Black History Monthbecause theres no White History Month. It just doesnt make sense.

My refusal to address International Mens Day on a day set aside for women doesnt imply that I dont acknowledge or appreciate mens accomplishments. Dissenters may claim that in order for men and women to truly be treated as equals, neither should receive special attention. Im here to tell you that special attention for the sake of attention is not the point.

International Womens Day, instead, is meant to further awareness of the issues faced by women not just in America, but all around the world. After all, women werent treated equally until men gave their consent, and in many countries around the world they still arent. If that isnt a sign of inequality, I dont know what is.

American women didnt win the right to vote until 1920. Coincidentally, Tuesday is also voting day in several American states, where youll be sure to witness both men and women alike filling out their ballots. If you believe our progressivism negates any reason for celebrating International Womens Day, keep in mind the fact that even the most basic of womens rights havent been achieved on a worldwide scale. Saudi Arabian women, for example, werent allowed to vote until 2015. And thats just one example.

Men arent the problem in this equation. The feminist movement needs both men and women to equally participate if its going to be successful. Instead, bigotry and a bruised sense of entitlement is the culprit because International Womens Day has nothing to do with men. Its not cutting men down. Its not depreciating them. Its not taking their work for granted. Its about women simple as that.

Sadly, the fact that International Mens Day has dominated the dialogue during International Womens Day is a sign that the definition and goals of feminism are still misunderstood by many. Feminists dont build walls or create unnecessary competition between men and women. They build bridges by raising awareness of the struggles unique to both.

Everything you need to know about Meghan Markles film producer ex-husband

Everything you need to know about Meghan Markles film producer ex-husband

Meghan Markle was previously married to producer Trevor Engelson.

They split after two years of marriage.

Hes worked on some high-profile films.

Engelson is also working on a TV show that involves a man sharing custody when his ex marries a British prince.

Followingnews of the next royalwedding, many have taken an interest in Meghan Markles relationship history. Particularly over her ex-husband, Trevor Engelson, and whether that will affect her marriage to Prince Harry.

Because shes been married before, many are wondering if shecan even marry Prince Harry, should he propose. Luckily, theresnothing stopping Markle and Harry from getting hitched, even in Westminster Abbey, despite her previous divorce.

But the question remains, who is Markles ex-husband?

Markle, 36, and Engelson began dating in 2004 andgot married in 2011at the Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Their ceremony was about 10 minutes long,according to The Sun, but the wedding celebration took place over four days.

The couple split in 2013citing irreconcilable differences.Its not clear exactly what broke them up, but Markle did land her role on the show Suits shortly after they wed and,according to Womens Day,the traveling and her hectic schedule became too much for them to bear.

You may not know his name but youve heard of his work.Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Engelson, now 40, is a manager and executive producer in Los Angeles. He madethe Hollywood Reporters Next Generation 35 Under 35and hesworked on several high-profileprojects including the 2010 Robert Pattinson film Remember Me, and the 2017 series Snowfall.

Hell also be producing several episodes of the TV remake of the cult classic film Heathers coming out next year.

Another one of Engelsons upcoming projects seems to draw direct inspiration from Markle. Fox has green-lit a show, produced in part by Engelson, about a man who must share custody of his childafter his ex-wife marries a British prince.

Though Markle and Engelson never had any children, you can see where he may be drawing from real-life experiences.

Deadline said that the lead characters are not based on Markle or Engelson, and that Markle is not involved at all in show. But Engelson admitted that the idea for the show came out of a conversation about what would have happened if he and Markle had kids and he had to share custody with Prince Harry and his family.

You can obviously draw your own conclusions about how much the show, should it actually make it to air, resembles real life. But it seems that Engelson has had a hard time handling his ex-wifes love life.

Prince Harry may have to jump through hoops to propose to Meghan Markle and its not because shes American

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