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The Best Trade Show Giveaways to Take to an Event

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The Best Trade Show Giveaways to Take to an Event

Posted on February 26, 2016By Allegra – Sandy Springs

Anestimated 83 percentof marketers say that promoting brand awareness is a high objective for their trade show booths. With displays in every direction, it is easy to see why brands want to make sure that their visitors have something to remember them by. Giving your visitors gifts, or swag, can be a fantastic way to keep your brand on their minds, even long after they have returned home.

You want to choose a trade show giveaway that your attendees will find useful and interesting something that they will actually be able to put to good use rather than just get rid of as soon as they get home. When you find a gift that people appreciate, you not only help to keep your brand in front of them, but you also create positive associations with your brand. Everyone who sees the product in use will also be exposed to your organization helping to spread your brand awareness even far beyond the people at the event.

Your promotional products or trade show swag should fit your audiences taste and modern trends. For example, most people today carry some kind of smartphone. In an effort to tap into this trend, sometimes you will see gifts such as smartphone covers handed out. Most of these, however, will go unused because people will be reluctant to use a cover with a logo of a brand they were just introduced to, and chances are they already have a cover. On the other hand, something like a cell phone charger can be great. People are walking around the event show floor, using their cell phones all day, but most people probably did not think to pack a charger in their bag and instead left it back in their room.

Other successful gifts might beless technologically advanced. If your conference is in the summer, beach items such as towels, hats or sunscreen could work well. These are fun items that people can quickly use. Other ideas, such as reusable water bottles and t-shirts, can also be convenient and useful for visitors. It can even be a great idea to give out items such as umbrellas. Most people do not take umbrellas on their vacation, and considering that 78 percent of attendees travel more than400 miles to attend an event, all it takes is one rainy day for your gift to suddenly be the most coveted item in the room.

Take your time when thinking about the perfect type of swag. You want something that works well with your brand and message, and hopefully something that will be unique. For example, although keychains might seem like a great convenience item that people would genuinely appreciate, they have become so popular that yours will likely receive little attention. Watch trends and what customers respond to and then work to create the perfect gift.

Coming up with creative trade show giveaways for your upcoming event can be a challenge. If you are having trouble thinking of a unique idea,contact us. We will be happy to help you get started finding the perfect swag.

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7 Kinds Of Trade Show Giveaways

Giveaways are an extremely popular way to get more people into yourtrade show displays.  But not all giveaways are created equal.

To help you whittle through the nearly infinite choices of giveaways, Ive grouped them into 7 types, with the strengths and weaknesses of each type listed below.  Keep this chart handy the next time your team gathers to brainstorm ideas for your upcoming trade show.

Doesnt cost much so you can give them to a lot of people

Will not reflect well on your brand if they appear too low in quality, let alone break quickly

Will get you noticed favorably by your clients and prospects

Usually cant afford to give to everyone at a show

May not get the right peoples attention

Can use to attract only the people who are qualified prospects

Takes effort to research and publish, and may not attract all your best prospects

Can use to attract only the people who are qualified prospects

Will not motivate people who only care about themselves personally; plus may get fewer leads (bad if lead quantity, not lead quality, is your sole metric)

High perceived value and can put your logo on it

If not good looking no one will want it, and it may end up in a drawer; plus Ive got enough t-shirts.

Prospects are left with nothing that has your name on it, and you may pay double cost to buy, plus cost to pay show hall a corking fee to giveaway food and drink

I hope that gives you some good ideas about which direction you take next when strategizing for your future events.

And if you get bored saying giveaway over and over again, here are 10 more words you can use to describe them:

No matter what they are called, a well-chosen giveaway can help you drive more traffic to yourtrade show booth, boost your brand awareness, and help you deepen relationships with clients and prospects.

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Mike Thimmesch was Skyline Exhibits Director of Customer Engagement, for over 25 years. He is now retired and spends his time freelancing, traveling, and enjoying time with his family.

This chart will also help clients who are trying to decide IF they should utilize a giveaway in their trade show booth. And thanks, I always wondered how to spell Tchotckes. 🙂

A great way to promote your brand is using t-shirts. its like you have a walking billboard.

Thanks Ive never heard of that Swag acronym. I thought it meant Stuff We All Get, like at a sales meeting. 🙂

haha, sorry, I just responded with the same inquiry before reading yours!

We bought a business card scanner for $150 that saves paying $150 per show for the conventions attendee card scanner. Then we use a portable laminator to make a luggage tag from the same card. During this process, we have time to present our service.

Eric- love that idea!!! Now- just need to figure out how to get our company logo w/ website on the luggage tag? Maybe with a snap or on the loop itself?

luggage tags with your logo is the easy part.

thats my business: promotional products.

Weve been doing the luggage tags for years, people love them. We just printed up business cards blanks with just our logo as one side and use their business card as the other side. Its cheap and easy.

I thought swag stood for Stuff We All Get

Regarding Educational Stuff: If you are attracting qualified prospects, arent those all your best prospects?

There may be some people who are qualified to become buyers, but they are not interested in receiving an educational giveaway.

We found the slot machine software at be very effective at our trade shows. It manages our booth prize giveaways and draws quite the crowd. Our last show in Orlando went over nicely with the software allowing every booth visitor to play, while being exposed to our corporate logos and prize icons spinning on the slot machine reels Was terrific.

My personal favorite is the lowly post-it notepad. People tend to stick these notes around the perimeter of their monitors, effectively turning their computers into billboards for your products.

I think 1:1 Thank You Souvenir is the best way to use give-aways. My favorite term is Promotional Brand Merchandise.

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Goody bags and giveaways will certainly make you stand out. And I think it is great to give them office supplies, like notepads or pens or staplers, which I am sure your customers will use and stay on their desk. With that, I am certain they will always remember your company.

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