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Steam Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Games GiveawaysMassively Multiplayer Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveSteam: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive key giveaway(CS: GO) will expand upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 14 years ago. CS: GO features new maps, characters, and weapons and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content (de_dust, etc.). In addition, CS: GO will introduce new…

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Tricky Towers steam giveaway

Grab your wizards robe and spell book, time to use your engineering skills and build some

Stack your bricks and use your spells to create the tallest stable tower, for what self-respecting wizard wouldnt want to show off their skills by towering literally over their peers! But be wary of jealous rivals, who will try and push your tower down with nefarious dark spells to ensure their dominance. Block these spells to protect your tower, oh and be sure to return the favor with your own devious magics. Match your tower wizardry against 4 others in local multiplayer, or challenge wizards around the world in an online battle of magics and engineering mayhem. Try your skills in various tricky wizard trails and set a high score on the leaderboards. So be sure to bring your wizards safety hat and start stacking and tumbling!

Conjure up your wizards tower; cleverly stack your summoned blocks and use over 17 different spells to win the race who has the highest tower

Tumble down your rivals; use dark spells to hamper or even push over your competitors towers but beware; they can use these spells on you as well!

Match your wizardry online; challenge up to 4 players locally or online in one of the 3 game modes available; survival, race and puzzle.

Take up tricky wizard trials; these challenges require a sharp mind and shrewd magical engineering!

Become the archwizard; climb up the leaderboard and see how you rank among your peers

Win the Wizardry cup: Participate in local and online tournaments and become the next Harry Potter!

When playingTricky Towers giveawaywith your (online) friends or family, make sure to download the free Tournament party pack.

Contact us via Twitter: @WeirdBeardGames

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Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Whats that? CS:GO had an update? Lovely!

Dont YOU want to collect cool skins and unlock crates for cool stuff?

Giving away a copy for you to win! Full Steam Giftable copy!

Of course, shoot an kill the other team, blow up bomb sites, and rescue hostages!

And I hear there are more game modes and maps too 😉

You can track my giveaways here:AnalFries Giveaways

Good luck 😉 and go for a StatTrak! ( My Galil is awesome :3 )

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