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Tag: steam free games

Free to play games go missing in the Steam library

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I added the Free-To-Play Team Fortress 2 to my favorite games in the Steam library, and played the game.

After reinstalling steam, the game went missing from the library completely – it does show up in neither favorites nor recently played games.

All other games work perfectly fine. I am logging in to the correct account and did not mess around with Steam in any way.

I can still install/play the game by going to its store page, but thats cumbersome. Is there any way to fix this?

Just how often do you expect to have to reinstall TF2?

You question has conflicting information. You say you did not mess around with Steam in any way, but before that you stated After reinstalling steam.

@kotekzot Im running several machines, so, often enough for it to be somewhat annoying ­čśë

@k1DBLITZ Yes, I meant messing with it apart from reinstalling (plugins etc, in case those exist).

There is no way to get free games to stick in your library if they are not installed as far as I know.

I think it does as long as youre on the same Steam installation; the program will remember that you had played it. However, if it listed ALL free games in the list… That could get long.

@Coronus It should list all free games that I previously played when selecting

As a workaround, you can list all free-to-play games that you have played before (i.e. that you have added to your library):

This is a third-party website made byLorenzo Stanco.

Input your Steam numeric ID, or profile name, or profile URL.

In other words, just follow the instructions on the site.

Make sure your profile is public, otherwise the website cannot list your games.

Wait until it loads the list of all your games.

This solution only works for games that are correctly tagged asFree to Playon the Steam Store page. It should work for the most popular ones.

The first thing to mention is that when you open Steam website and open some free game you own and actually shows that it is in your Game Library. So, it is unlikely that F2P games are counted as owned only when you have them installed. Also, recently I was forced into deleting everything from my Steam folder exceptsteamappsanduserdatafolders andSteam.exeitself. Still, all my free-to-play games was there, even the ones Ive never installed and played. So, I can assume, that if @kotekzot is right then the files mentioning all this F2P games should be in this two folders.

Ive conducted a search through them using Magicka: Wizard Wars with an ID 202090 as an example. Actually, Ive found nothing related to this game, not a single file, neither insteamappsfolder nor inuserdata. Still, as I mentioned, game is present on my account, so I have totally no idea where could lie the file that mentions this game.

So, summarizing all this I think this issue cant be resolved without further research.

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