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10 cool websites no one really knows about

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10 cool websites no one really knows about

What are ten really cool websites which are useful to webmasters that you love to use?

The Silk icon set has become so commonplace that theyve become almost a standard for some developers.

It basically has simulations for about everything related to the internet and computers, such as email programs, firewalls, ftp programs, windows, iPads and much more.

Ever need web mysql management? This has it all, bundled with a bunch of REAL nice features, slick smooth UI, syntax highlighting and inline editing. Pretty much everything you need.

Useful when youre too lazy to open Photoshop to find a companion colour for a gradient.

Some good icons for web designs if you can find a set with a generous license

Not that unknown, but I wish it werent in Flash

Also not that unknown, but not enough people use it. It points out any errors in your HTML

A lighter/prettier alternative to phpMyAdmin. Lacks some features but you probably wont miss them for simple DB management.

Ill stop at 5 because Im not enough of a hipster to come up with 10

The web (and PHP community in particular) would be much better off without W3Schools.

The web (and PHP community in particular) would be much better off without W3Schools.

I dont know about the php parts, but I often use it to reference html and css syntax.

Id recommend the resources listed here instead –

Conservation OnLine

Conservation OnLine (CoOL) is a freely accessible platform to generate and disseminate vital resources for those working to preserve cultural heritage worldwide. Through the support of theFoundation of the American Institute for Conservation, CoOL is committed to growing and sustaining these resources into the future. As an authoritative and trusted source of information, CoOL serves to foster, convene, and promote collaboration.

Access theConservation DistListarchives and mailing list

, and postprints from AICs BPG, EMG, PMG, and WAG specialty groups).

Access the manysites and organization that are hostedor mirrored on CoOL.

Use the CoOL Directory:Find People in and around Conservation.

The content of CoOL comes from a variety of sources, and we hope that all users will consider contributing some material to the project. As you use the server, please pay attention to lacunae that you might be able to help fill. If this is your first time here, please read an important message aboutcopyright. If you would like to contribute material to CoOL, please send a note towh. To report problems or offer suggestions, select thelinks at the bottom of each page.

When FAIC took on management of Conservation OnLine (CoOL) and the Conservation DistList eight years ago, we knew that these resources were crucial to the preservation community and had to be saved. We didnt know exactly how we would pay for the ongoing costs of curation and maintenance, let alone the necessary updates and improvements, but we knew we had to step up to the task.

Thanks to generous donations from people like you who use these resources, CoOL and the ConsDistList are still here for you to ask questions, find your next job, or see what courses are coming up. You can find information on almost any preservation or conservation topic, from what is an aa pattern? to who conserved the Hie Sanno Sairei-Zu Japanese screens?

But even we didnt realize what treasures CoOL and the ConsDistList really are. Earlier this year, we asked Matt Morgan, the FAIC Digital Strategy Advocate, to conduct an audit of FAIC and AICs online resources. Matt was as surprised as we were by what he found:

FAIC and AICs email lists and websites continue to stimulate broad support and generate deep member engagement. The lists are popular, useful, and active, and the combined websites serve members with a usage rate thats 10-60 times whats exhibited at many similar professional associations–including organizations both inside and outside the field of conservation.

Let me restate that: on a per-member basis, (F)AICs online properties are orders of magnitude better used than those of other professional associations. CoOL, the mailing lists, and the other websites may sometimes be frayed around the edges, but they are popular and very well-used.

Please help make sure the resources that you value remain accessible. In order to keep CoOL and ConsDistList up and running, FAIC needs to raise $40,000 by the end of the year. Last year the average gift size was $50. If only 8% of the nearly 10,000 ConsDistList subscribers gave that amount, we would meet our goal. We hope youll show your support by making a contribution today. You candonate with a credit cardor mail a check to:

Thank you for your participation in this community and your generous support!

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Subjects:Biodeterioration, Collections care, Conservation education & training, Conservation science, Conservation suppliers, Conservation treatment, Conservators, Copyright, Degradation of materials, Digital imaging, Disaster planning, Documentation, Ethics, Health & Safety, Intellectual Property, Library Binding, Mass deacidification, Mold, Pest management, Preservation-related organizations, Reprographics, Restoration, Terminology

Storage Techniques for Art, Science & History Collections

Archaelogical Conservators in Turkey

Western Association for Art Conservation

Abbey Newsletter/ Alkaline Paper Advocatearchives

Journal of the American Institute for Conservation (JAIC)archives

Journal of Conservation & Museum Studies (JCMS)archives

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