Discover the Benefits of Cooking at Home

In the United States, people eat half of all their meals out, and many health experts feel strongly that this is a problem. So, it could be time to reoccupy the dining room table and cook with the culinary tools that haven’t been used. Maybe it’s time to break out some cookbooks or brush up on some recipes online. But, what is so great about cooking? Here are some reasons that it is time to take to the kitchen.

Less Expensive to Cook

While the fast food restaurants may have the $1 menu, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are cheaper than a home-cooked meal. The only way this type of food is cheaper is if it is being compared solely on calories. When viewing serving size, weight, or nutritional content, a home-cooked meal comes out ahead in price. No matter how a family looks at it, food isn’t cheap. Also, it is time-consuming to shop for and prepare the meals. Find ways to make it work and fit into a busy schedule.

Better for the Environment

It takes less energy and fewer resources to prepare a meal at home. What is involved to produce, process, and transport food? It takes double the amount of energy than it does to grow it. So, by purchasing a frozen pizza for dinner, it takes almost twice as many resources to feed the family than it does the neighbor who is cooking at home.

Food is Healthier

Research suggests the people that are cooking at home eat healthier. They consume fewer calories and less saturated fat and sodium. Their fiber intake is greater. The more food is processed, the less nutritional it becomes. So, buying fresh ingredients and preparing a meal using everything from a good set of knives and nonstick cookware to a slow cooker really does pay off from a nutrition standpoint.

Tastier Food

No matter if the recipe was passed down from a grandmother or came from the side of a soup can, a home cook has control over the ingredient quality, freshness, calories, and portion size. This is also a great way to teach kids about taste and texture.

Those considering doing more cooking at home can find some essential tools that all homes should have. Read this blog and learn more tips and get started. Before you know it, you might be considered a foodie.