How strong is Google Pixel 3 digital zoom? Sample comparison

How strong is Google Pixel 3 digital zoom? Sample comparison
October 12 news Google earlier released the annual flagship Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, the photo is still a major highlight of the new machine, although there is still only one camera, but Google through a series of software features to further enhance it.

Google uses some software tips to get some of the features of other dual-camera phones. The question is how well these software skills work. We already know that Google’s portrait mode works very well, no less inferior to the dual camera. Google has added a new “Super Res Zoom” feature to Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. How about this function?

One of the biggest differences between a telephoto lens and a standard wide-angle lens is that the former supports optical zoom. Since Google’s new machine has no dual camera on the back, Google engineers have created an enhanced digital zoom function called “Super Res Zoom” designed to provide Zoom photos with the same sharpness as photos taken with optical zoom.

There are Twitter users comparing photos taken with Pixel 3’s “Super Res Zoom” and iPhone XS’s optical zoom, which supports twice the optical zoom. Both phones zoom in 2 times when shooting, the results are as follows (left) On the side is the iPhone XS and on the right is Pixel 3):

From the results, Google’s Super Res Zoom function is really impressive, but the clarity of the photo still can not match the photos taken by the optical zoom of the iPhone XS. In addition, in the iPhoneXS photos, color reproduction and hue look better.

Of course, this is not a comprehensive comparison. In the end, the Pixel 3 camera needs detailed testing.

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