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Designer Tips on Gifting Art for the Holidays

As an interior designer, theres probably nothing more personal than gifting art. Its like saying, I see you, I know you, and I honor what you love. And thats infinitely more meaningful than an expensive perfume or new tech gadget.

I know youre probably thinking, Sure, it means more, but how do I get it right? Im drawn tomodern geometric-style art, but my globetrotting friend is into maps featuring her favorite destinations.

Bingo! Your friend lovesmapsbecause they remind her of happy times and places she has visited. Thats the number one secret to buying art as a gift:Its all about preserving or eliciting happiness.

OK, but what if your brother just moved into a new apartment and is dangerously close to hanging a velvet Elvis or that beer mirror from college? Is he justified because those pieces remind him of happier days? No, thats just lazy. You have to intervene, unless you want him to end up on my new Netflix series, theQueer Eye reboot(thats me on the far left).

You have to pinpoint what makes himtrulyhappy. He spends his evenings looking through his expensive telescope at the stars? OK, now were talking. Hello, tasteful solar system print.

If you need some inspiration,you can peruse Art by Subject. Maybe you forgot that your mom was obsessed with Sean Connery as a teenager until you happened upon that iconic print in theMovie category. Now youre about to give her the gift of youth for the holidays. Priceless.

Sometimes its not the subject matter so much as the color usage or artist that throws a person into a fit of ecstasy. Maybe your sister is mad about ultra violet, Pantones new color of the year for 2018. It reminds her of her wedding day at that swanky country club. Thats when youll want to use theSearch Art by Color feature. All of the sudden youve landed on anAndy Warholprint that will remind her of the happiest day of her life.

See? If you know what makes that special someone in your life happy, gifting art is easy. However, if you need more inspiration, look to m Gift Guide, orshop all things Bobby Berk, includingartwallpaperthrow pillows, andrugs.

And, if youre a fan, be sure to watch me on Netflixs newQueer Eyeseries in February!

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