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Personalized Company Giveaways

A fun place to order personalized gifts, company giveaways, promotional items and digital printing needs. We provide only quality products and services at very affordable prices. Orders can be ship all over the Philippines and selected international countries.

Every business aims to first on the mind of the customers. Thats why brand marketing is so important. Corporate gifts are gift items that allow companies to welcome new clients, impress potential clients and to have brand loyalty. These business gifts are often imprinted with a company logo that helps companies to discreetly stay in the consciousness of target audience. As a matter of fact, these gifts serve as essential tools for marketing. The investment on these marketing tools is sure to return back with rewarding results in the form of future generated business and business income.

We provide big discounts for your volume orders. You dont need to burn your budget to promote your brand. One of the reasons we are able to offer promotional merchandise at a low price is due the fact we do not have a huge marketing budget, instead sales are driven by referrals and word of mouth. Our customers are our greatest advertisers.

A lot of our regular clients work to strict budgets and require large volumes of cheap, value for money good quality promotional items which can be turned around in fast lead times to use as giveaways. This is not a problem since we do the production in house.

Below are some of our top seller for personalized company gifts and giveaways to give you an idea. Browse our fullpersonalized gifts ideas, all of it can be personalized to carry your logo and convey your message. If you have other ideas in mind, contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

Classic White MugIn terms of personalized drinkables, this is our best seller considering that in can be very affordable especially for volume orders. Customize this mug with your photographs, designs, logos or wacky one-liners and create your unique mug. Print will last a long time plus the fact that we only use Class A mugs.

Magic MugIf you are looking for unique and elegant giveaways or promotional items, this is the right one for you. A thermo chromatic coated ceramic mug. At first it may look like an ordinary colored mug. But when hot liquid is added to the mug the thermo chromatic inks become transparent and the printed image is revealed. As the mug cools the mug returns to its original color. Its magic, its a magic mug!

Personalized T-shirtIf functional giveaways is what your looking for, personalized t-shirt is always at the top list. We can customized and print it through different printing method such as digital/heat press, silkscreen print, vynil cut-out and even embroidery.

Personalized Mouse PadImagine promotional campaign on the hand of your current or prospective client, all day, every day! Or a company giveaways with your intended user all year round. Personalized mouse pad will never be outdated considering that computers and laptop are already a basic commodity in every household.

Photo Tumbler Good water carrier in your office or school. This is a lightweight tumbler with spill proof cover. We will personalized it with your company photos or ads and you now have a unique tumbler. With the travel tumbler a popular item today, this helps to ensure that your ad message is being used and displayed in public.

Personalized CalendarIt is a proven effective medium to showcase your products and services all year round. With this, surely will be first on mind of your target customer. It can never be too late nor to early giving a personalized calendar because we can start it at any month. Example; you can choosed to start it at Oct 2010 and end it at Sept 2011.

Plastic Bagtagcan be personalized with calendar on one side and your marketng message on the other side

Fridge Magneta popular company giveaways

Tarpaulin Printingnot a giveaway, but you might be looking for a quality large format printing for your indoor or outdoor ads. Our print is of photographic quality for best results.

Some of our clients for company giveaways and promotional items includes;

Zilog Electronics Maintenance Department

And if you want a quality and hassle-free company giveaways, we will be very glad to be of service to you. Try us and we will guarantee your satisfactions. We give big discounts for high volume orders!

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