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Free Giveaway Sites

On most of the webistes listed here users give away PC games to other users

completely for free. Everything listed here is trusted. Ive wonhundreds of gameson some of those sites myself!

Definitely the best and biggest website if you want to win steam games for free. The Steam account you use for registering must have $100.00 worth of games to prevent alternate accounts. Read theFAQcarefully if youd like to join this site! The system that chooses a winner is completely random, but if youd like to increase your chance in winning and you intend to give away games yourself at a regular basis, look out for private steam groups that require giveaways each month from all members (the less members the higher the winning chance).

This one is free as well, but for better winning chances you can either give away games yourself or spend money. The Steam account you use for registering must be valued at a specific amount to prevent alternate accounts. Winning on this site is easier if you are good in minigames like Bejeweled and Bubble Shooter, since you have to play them when you enter some of the giveaways. All games given away there are Steam gifts, you cant win or give away keys there, but you can even enter for games you already own! As always, read theFAQif you got more questions.

Register for free to win Steam, Desura & Origin games! As always, read theFAQto know how to get points, enter giveaways etc.

Play browser games for free and get achievements and coins, until you get enough coins to buy steam, origin and desura games with them, or alternatively complete surveys and offers for a lot of coins! You can enter giveaways with them as well! This is one of the best ways to not only get games but also Bitcoins, Amazon coupons, Steam Trading cards and much more for free very fast!

News:They host new giveaways every 4 hours now!

Mainly Team Fortress 2 items are given away here for free, but sometimes games and other stuff as well. You can enter giveaways for free, but read theRulescarefully, better save than sorry!

There is a giveaways section where Beta Keys for new games or ingame goodies for other games are given away. You can register for free.

A russian site (that has been fully translated into english now) where you can win steam games for free, you can even enter for games you already own! You can buy better chances of winning for money, as well as on Playblink (or alternatively give away games to be able to enter specific giveaways).

You dont even need an invite code to join the site anymore!

As always, read theFAQto know how the site works.

A french website that is still in BETA (they are working on translations etc), its similar to steamgifts. You get points when other users create giveaways for steam games and can spend those points to enter giveaways, its completely free. There arent that many giveaways yet because its a new website.

Among various other features SteamCompanion offers a game giveaway system very similar to steamgifts. You get points that you can use to enter giveaways for games, created by other users, completely for free. For a specific explanation on how to get points lookhere, for everything else read theFAQ.

One of the various things this forum offers is a giveaway section for game keys and gifts. You can register for free, most of the time you have to reply in a specific thread to enter a giveaway for a game. Note that these forums also contain NFSW stuff so browse it on your own risk.

In the first thread all the games that are available for free on Steam are listed.

In the second one ongoing giveaways, promotions, Betas and contests you can find around the web are listed. Its a good source for these kind of news.

Note: Please disable Adblock when browsing on this website, you wont be able to see some of the deals because Adblock blocks the banners.

Users are giving away games for free in this forum, but read the rules/FAQ first, the most giveaways require a minimum amount of Karma to participate.

Do you want to get an amazing game bundle thats worth your money every month? Check outHumble Monthly!

Wanna try out a legit CS:GO case opening site?CSGOKingdomis the answer! Use codepsykofor some free cash!

EA just launched a game-flatrate service on Origin, play various AAA titles for just 5$ a month!

Get up to 20 Steam games for just 4.29€!

Bundle Starshas several other active bundles, check them out!

Check out theHump Day BundlefromIndieGala!

Bundle In A Boxshut down permanently!

The Steamgifts redesign is finished! It comes along with several new features,check it out!

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